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Physical Goods and Items

ID #ItemDonated ByValueMy Notes
SA01De Lorenzo  Hair productsImage to Dye 4$50
SA02Walking In the Wild bookKoorong$60
SA03Mini Maglite Pro LED TorchArmidale Outdoors$90
SA04TJM Fold-out camp chairTJM EQUIPPED$75
SA05TJM Tyre repair kitTJM EQUIPPED$42
SA06SPP 2LTR Hydration Pack (Black)Super Moto$70
SA07SPP 2LTR Hydration Pack (Black)Super Moto$70
SA08Car Wash KitREPCO$135
SA09White Sunglasses (female) Arnette brandOPSM$140
SA10Shawl (crocheted hand spun merino wool)Ian Lockrey$50
SA11Shoulder Cape / girl’s shawl (crocheted hand spun merino wool)Ian Lockrey$50
SA12Scarf (knitted hand spun merino wool)Ian Lockrey$50
SA13Cushion (Woollen – knitted)Ian Lockrey$50
SA14Goldfish Starter KitArmidale Pet Shop$70
SA15Stationery Pack:Monitor Stand & Storage PodOffice Express$100
SA16Russell 48” ceiling fan with CCT LED lightCETNAJ$180
SA17Russell 48” ceiling fan with CCT LED lightCETNAJ$180
SA18Cleaning Kit – Bucket, 4x Detergent and ClothsRapid Clean$80
SA19Rose Gold and Opal Bar BroochPrivate Donor$100
SA20Hand Carved Cameo Brooch in Sterling Silver MountPrivate Donor$100
SA23Basket – Fruit and JuiceGreenhill Orchard$30
SA24Basket – Fruit and JuiceGreenhill Orchard$30
SA25Gaming Package – headphones, keyboard and mouseBing Lee$119
SA26STARTECT cargo box 550X600X380 mmGrazeAg$70
SA27Dogpro Complete Balanced Formula for Adult Dogs 20 kgGrazeAg$37
SA284 X GrazAg stubby holdersGrazeAg$10
SA29Load Restraint Ratchet Tiedown 9M 2500kg LXC H&KNutrien$26
SA30Load Restraint Ratchet Tiedown 9M 2500kg LXC H&KNutrien$26
 SA69Parker PenCarr’s Newsagent$45
 SA70Cygnet10,000 mAh Power BankHarvey Norman$80
 SA71Cygnet20,000 mAh Power BankHarvey Norman$100
  SA72JBL PartyBoost Flip 5 Bluetooth SpeakerHarvey Norman$169
  SA73STARTECT cargo box 550X600X380 mmNutrien$70
  SA74Hand- Carved Teardrop Spoon and Small Jam SpreaderDave Earl$55
  SA75Hand-Carved Cheese Knife or Jam SpreaderDave Earl$40
  SA76Hand-Carved Coffee Scoop (salvaged fence post)Dave Earl$45
  SA77Hand- Carved Coffee Scoop (silky oak)Dave Earl$45
  SA78Hand-Carved Cooking SpoonDave Earl$65
  SA79Hand-Carved SpatulaDave Earl$65
  SA809ct Gold Blue & Green Triplet Opel Ring (repair cost $65)Private Donor$1,200

Services and Gift Vouchers

ID #ItemDonated ByValueMy Notes
SA31$100 VoucherTJM EQUIPPED$100
SA32$50 VoucherTJM EQUIPPED$50
SA33$50 VoucherTJM EQUIPPED$50
SA343 x $10 VouchersArmidale Sport & Rec$30
SA352 x $10 VouchersArmidale Sport & Rec$20
SA36$50 voucherMcMahon Your Dry Cleaner$50
SA37$50 VoucherArmidale Bicycle Centre$50
SA381 x Voucher for half hour massageChristina Cranfield Massage Therapy$50
SA391 x Acupuncture Gift VoucherWay of Water$85
SA40$25 VoucherBling and Things$25
SA41$120 wheel alignment/balance VoucherGood Year Tyres$120
SA42$50 VoucherColes$50
SA43$50 VoucherColes$50
SA445x $10 VouchersBelgrave Cinema$50
SA455x $10 VouchersBelgrave Cinema$50
SA46Air Con Service Gift VoucherTadman Refrigeration$90
SA47Air Con Service Gift VoucherTadman Refrigeration$90
SA48$50 VoucherArmidale Mower and Chainsaw Centre$50
SA49$100 Gift VoucherVan Diemen Quality Bulbs$100
SA50$100 Gift VoucherVan Diemen Quality Bulbs$100
SA51$50 VoucherNew England  Locksmiths$50
SA52$50 VoucherArmidale Locksmiths$50
SA53$50 VoucherBlackbird Antiques$50
SA54Stump Grinding – Small Package VoucherRob Smith$110
SA56Car Wash/DetailingBarry Squires$100
SA57Car Wash/DetailingBarry Squires$100
SA5810 x Coffee VouchersDaily Ritual$35
SA591 x Voucher for one hour massageAble Bodies$60
SA60$50 VoucherMoxons Bakery$50
SA61$50 VoucherMoxons Bakery$50
SA62$50 VoucherJacksons Quality Meats$50
SA63$50 VoucherJacksons Quality Meats$50
SA64$50 VoucherJacksons Quality Meats$50
SA65$50 VoucherMountview Pharmacy$50
SA662 x $25 VoucherPaper Tiger$50
 SA67$100 VoucherSignor Vertelli$100
 SA68 $200 VoucherGoldfish Bowl$200