A night of celebration and thanks!

This year’s annual fundraising dinner is set to be a night to remember!


With a variety of items up for auction, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone (even dad)! All auction items have been donated and there are no commissions – meaning the total amount of each auction item goes to AYF. This means you get a nice gift for someone special (which could be yourself) whilst still fully supporting AYF financially! Go you! 👊

Online-only artworksOnline-only non-artworksOnline to live items    Silent auction items

Auction types

There are three types of auctions:

Online-only auctions allow you to bid online, with the final bid above reserve at closing winning. You can bid online from your own device, in advance, or you can bid online during the night. We even have a number of devices available on the night if you need some help with bidding.

Bidding on online-only auction items works in the same way as eBay. You enter the maximum amount you would be willing to pay, and AYF will automatically bid on your behalf up to this maximum. If the item ends for less than your maximum, that’s all you’ll have to pay, because the AYF system will automatically bid to the lowest amount required to secure the item.. E.g., if you enter a maximum bid amount $500 and the next highest bidder’s maximum is $400, then you will only pay $410 for the item.

We have two categories of online-only auctions this year: online-only artworks and online-only non-artworks.

Online and live auctions also allow you to bid online. However, the final online bid above reserve at closing doesn’t win the item. Rather, that bid becomes the starting price for the live auction, which will be held on the night!

Silent auctions aren’t available for bidding online – they just give you a teaser as to what will be available on the night. Although you can’t bid online, you can prepare for the big night, by figuring out what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

Take note of whether the item you’re interested in are “online and live” or “online-only” auction items.


To place a bid click “Bid Now” below the image, then enter your details in the “Bid Here” section.

To view high-resolution images, click “View Details” below an entry then click the small thumbnail picture.

If you know someone who is interested in one of these items, email them this page.

Thank you to our amazing donors for supporting this year’s annual fundraising dinner!