AYF Charity Auction

We would very much like to thank the local donors for the paintings and other items displayed here for auction. There are a wide range of styles and prices points (all excellent value) to be auctioned at the AYF Fundraising Dinner and Charity Auction. The total amount of the sale will go to AYF, all the paintings have been donated and there are no commissions.

A small number of artworks are still available to purchase below. These are “Buy it Now” items, not auction items. The first to click “Buy Now” will receive payment and collection/delivery instructions shortly.



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We would really love your help! The annual AYF Auction is a tremendous way to purchase beautiful Australian art at incredible prices all while supporting a fantastic cause! Bidding is open to anyone from Broome to Byron (and everywhere in between and beyond!) – so why not invite a friend or two to take a look?

  • Buy Now items at a range of prices
  • Bid online with a proxy-bid (we’ll automatically bid for you up to your maximum amount – but you’ll only pay enough to outbid the previous high-bidder)
  • AYF can assist to arrange delivery anywhere in the world (at buyer’s expense)

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