Special Religious Education (SRE or "Scripture") teaching

Under NSW legislation churches can conduct SRE within government schools for one hour a week as part of the school timetable. It is this legislation that makes the Scripture programme in Armidale"s ' schools possible.

What is Armidale Youth Futures (AYF)?

Armidale Youth Futures was formed in 2001 with the vision of working together with the Armidale Ministers Fellowship (AMF) to extend the Scripture programme to Armidale"s state high schools through the appointment of a specialist SRE teacher.

AYF is an incorporated body formed for the purpose of facilitating and employing SRE teachers. AYF operates under a mandate given to it by the Armidale Ministers Fellowship in accordance with the NSW Education Act. The Management Committee of AYF is composed of members of Armidale churches and a representative from the AMF.