Christian SRE follows authorised curricula where students question, explore and discover more about the Christian faith. Students explore the Bible, church teaching and the faith experience of others. It helps students to grasp what it means to live well, to be in relationship with God and to embrace a life of service of others. Christian SRE teachers are encouraged to use a variety of teaching activities including reading, writing, small groups, class discussion, music, drama, storytelling, games and new learning technologies.


Beginning with God

Beginning with God is a one-year program introducing students with little prior knowledge of the Bible to the God of all creation, the people in his unfolding plan and his Son, Jesus.

Download: Beginning With God scope and sequence



Years 1-6


Connect is a three-year curriculum, offering 4 units of 10 lessons per term, which students cycle through twice at greater depth as they progress through school. The curriculum surveys the broad sweep of Bible history from creation to God’s ultimate purpose for humanity. Each lesson seeks to introduce key biblical concepts, themes and significant people in an active and engaging way, allowing students to explore the Christian faith and see how it is relevant to their lives and contemporary problems.

Download: Connect scope and sequence

Year 6

Big Questions

Big Questions – a one-year program designed for students in their last year of primary school who are ready to explore some big questions, share their own opinions and investigate the Bible for themselves. The course tackles issues such as: What is God really like? What’s gone wrong with the world? Does God really care about me? How will I make choices about my future? What’s the purpose of my life? Big Questions may also be suitable for some Year 5 classes.

Download: Big Questions scope and sequence

Years 7-10

Think Faith

Think Faith – a two-year curriculum for Stages 4 and 5, offering 4 units of 8 lessons per term. The curriculum uses the Bible as its foundational text and encourages students to think more deeply about the beliefs and tenets of the Christian faith whilst providing them with the tools to connect their learning with how Christians are called to live. These ‘connectings’ have been organised around three kinds of relating described by Jesus in John 15: relating to God, relating to others, and relating to the world. Think Faith curriculum may also be used for Stage 6.

Download: Think Faith scope and sequence

Download: About Think Faith


Years 11-12

NUA Film Series – A Fresh Perspective On Faith

NUA is all about exploration: It’s a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith.

Download: NUA Film Series Episode Guide

Download: NUA Film Series Trailer


Jesus the Game Changer

Jesus the Game Changer – a two-year curriculum for Stage 6, offering one lesson per term on a range of topical issues. With the Bible as its foundational source the curriculum provides an opportunity for senior students to self-consciously develop their personal worldview, and reflect on how their own belief, moral and spiritual systems relate to the Christian faith in its many expressions, as well as the broader Australian society of which they are a part.

Download: Jesus the Game Changer scope and sequence



Armidale Youth Futures facilitate a combined arrangement of approved SRE providers, where all providers have cross-authorised the curricula.