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SRE and Chaplaincy

What are the differences between an SRE??teacher and a Chaplain and how do they work together?


The idea behind??Chaplaincy??is to supply a person with a listening ear who is able to mentor, befriend and build relationship and trust with the school community for students of all faiths. A chaplain is not involved in any systematic teaching and does not have an instructional role but rather as they encounter needs of both a spiritual and a practical nature they can refer the students to teachers, school counsellors, the Principal, ministers, SRE teacher and so on.

Chaplaincy is fully funded by the Federal Government??so there is no requirement for financial support from the local community.

As an??SRE teacher??the AYF employed teacher??will??conduct regular SRE classes and promote Christian activities as a part of the school timetable at both Armidale High and Duval High Schools. The teacher will systematically share the Gospel and teach the fundamental tenants of the Christian faith at both schools as set out in the curriculum to be developed by the Armidale Ministers Fellowship. The right of access of the Churches to the schools for this purpose is set out in NSW legislation. The teacher will be responsible to the Christian community of Armidale through the Armidale Ministers Fellowship administered by Armidale Youth Futures.

SRE receives no Government funding therefore the SRE teacher position must be funded entirely by the Churches and Christian community of Armidale.