What are the differences between an SRE teacher and a Chaplain?

The AYF employed SRE teacher’s main role is to conduct regular timetabled SRE classes. SRE teachers have access to systematically teach the good news of Jesus and the fundamental tenants of the Christian faith through an authorised curriculum.

“The National School Chaplaincy Program supports the wellbeing of students and school communities through pastoral care services and student support strategies.”

While a chaplain’s role is to provide pastoral care and support the wellbeing of students, chaplains do not provide religious instruction or religious counselling. Chaplains may refer students to teachers, school counsellors, the Principal, youth groups, SRE teachers and so on.

The National School Chaplaincy Program provides funding to selected schools willing to participate in the program. However, there is no funding available from the government for SRE teachers. The SRE teacher position must be funded entirely by churches and supporters within the Armidale community.

Further information: National School Chaplaincy Program