Special Religious Education (SRE) also known as Scripture, is the time set aside in Public Schools where parents/carers can choose to have their children educated in the faith of their family and cultural background. The NSW Education Act (1990) allows for the local community to make this contribution to public education, via annually approved providers, responsible for authorising age-appropriate lessons, training and authorisation of teachers.

Christian SRE begins with the understanding that we were created by a loving God, who calls us to fullness of life. Children are encouraged to see themselves as God sees them, full of gifts and potential to be a force for immense goodness in our world. As such, Christian SRE, contributes to positive self-image, identity and resilience, forming young people in their understanding of the morals and values from the teaching of Jesus.

Every child has the right to ask questions about life and explore values. That’s why Christian SRE classes are organised so that questions are welcomed and addressed, valuing every child’s unique faith journey.