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We are really excited by this year’s selection of art for sale. All the works are original and in excellent condition and display a range of styles, sizes, prices and subjects- something for everyone!

We would very much like to thank the local donor for the paintings displayed here for auction and sale. Some have a fixed price attached (all excellent value) and others will be auctioned at the Armidale Youth Futures (AYF) Fund Raising Dinner and Charity Auction. The total amount of the sale will go to AYF – all the paintings have been donated and there are no commissions.

To view the art in person visit the Armidale Ex-Services Club between 11am and 1pm on Saturday 5th May or if you would like more details, please contact Rob Dewhurst on 0409723522 or

To purchase or place a bid either click the View Button below each image and enter your details or fill in the form at the bottom of the catalogue.

tell-a-friendWe need your help! Please share this catalogue with all your friends especially those who love art. Please feel free to send a link to any who may be interested wherever they live! Phone bidding or pre-auction proxy bidding will be available for the items to be auctioned.

To view high-resolution images click on the ‘View Auction’ link below an image and then click on the small thumbnail picture that is shown on the auction page to view it in full-screen mode.

AYF Annual Art Auction – Preview and Purchase Art Works

Sandra Howell

Sandra Howell is an emerging artist from Queensland.

1.‘The McCaw’ S Howell
30×40cm Acrylic on Board, Unframed
Ready to Hang
(For Auction: Estimate: $100-$150) View Auction

Ray Giles

Ray is a fine Australian landscape artist

3. ‘The Path after Rain’ Ray Giles 35×45cm Oil on Canvas Panel Framed
(For Auction: Estimate:$300-$400) View Auction




Kym Hart 

Kym is the second eldest son of the the legendary Christian artist Pro Hart and paints in the same style. His remembrance of the outback church with his father forms one of the many themes of his paintings.

2.‘Sunday School’ Kym Hart 40×40cm Acrylic onBoard
(For Auction Estimate : $500-$700 Framed)View Auction

19.‘The Billy Cart’
Kym Hart 14×14cm Acrylic on Board
(For Sale: $275) View Sale

Gerard Mutsaers

Gerard Mutsaers was born in Holland in 1947, arriving in Australia as a child in 1952. A traditional landscape painter, he has become renowned for his renditions of the subtle colours of the Australian rural landscape particularly the Yarra Valley. Mutsaers has held numerous solo exhibitions throughout Melbourne and interstate. Works are represented in private and institutional collections in Australia and overseas. Gerard started painting professionally in 1974. Many works have been purchased for corporate boardrooms including Insurance Council of Australia, Westpac, Tokyo Electric Company, Tokyo Gas, and BHP Australia. His paintings are also featured in the Royal collection. Current prices in galleries are between $1250 – $1500 (

4.‘Tranquil River’ Gerard Mutsaers 30×40cm Oil on Canvas Board
(Auction $700-$900)View Auction

22.‘The Forest Road’ Gerard Mutsaers 15×30cm Oil on Canvas Board Framed
(For Sale: $650)View Sale

Ramon Ward-Thompson

Ramon is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales. His work is represented in galleries and collections in Australia and overseas. He settled in Berrima in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales – a move that was to greatly influence his painting style. It is here that he introduced the soft misty Highland light into his romantic studies of life in the Australian bush. Average Auction price : $486

5.‘Brother and Sister’ Ramon Ward-Thompson 25×30cm Oil on Board Framed
(For Auction: Estimate $400-$600) View Auction

Adam Bogusz
Adam, the son of the artist Richard
Bogusz (see below), turned from music to painting in 1998. He has developed a vibrant and colourful style of painting that is now well sought after here and overseas. His paintings of beaches and the city are particularly appealing.

6. ‘Just You and Me” Adam Bogusz
42×60cm Acrylic on Board Ready to Hang
(For Sale: $275 Unframed)
View Sale

Charles A Newman

He is an Australian Children’s Book Author, Artist and Illustrator. This is original gauche and ink drawing from his unpublished second children’s book (the first “Barney Bracken and Friends”, 1984). This pieces of work comes from his estate (Average Auction Price: $880).

7. ‘Nest Building with Barney and friend’ Charles A Newman 28x 38cm Watercolour and Gouache
on Paper, Framed
(For Auction: Estimate $300-$500)View Auction

Richard Bogusz

He was born in Europe in 1947and began painting professionally in the 1970’s where he won a number of awards & prizes. In 1986, Richard moved to Townsville where he embraced clear, bright colours which would be a contrast from the greys and browns of his earlier work. He continued to paint in Brisbane his imaginative, narrative works, with his girls in bright dresses interacting with the birds and landscape which are instantly recognized as a ‘Bogusz’. His works grace collections throughout Australia and overseas. Average Auction Price: $891

8. ‘Feeding the Birds’
Richard Bogusz 20×20cm Acrylic on Canvas
(For Sale: $325 Unframed Ready to Hang) View Sale

L Williams (British)

A Classical Late-Victorian Painting circa 1880-1910.
A beautiful well-painted late Victorian oil painting by a skilled British artist (unlisted)

9. ‘The Two Sisters’ L Williams (British) 40×55cm Oil on Board with an Ornate Frame
(For Auction: Estimate $1000-$1200) View Auction

John Vander

After coming to Australia in 1969 from Belgium, John became a professional painter in 1976 focusing on Australian towns and images of the bush. His work is represented in many collections including, FNCB of New York, WIN 4, Streets, Kellogg’s, OTIS, BHP, Caltex, Boral, Master Builders Association and several major city business houses and public buildings, as well as private collections here and overseas.

10. ‘Quirindi Old Timer’ John Vander 45×70cm Oil on Canvas Panel
(For Sale: $475 Framed) View Sale

Ron Van Gennip

Born in 1950 Ron was a commercial artist before further study with Robert Hagen and Rex Newall convinced him to concentrate on fine art, with his sweeping landscapes frequently featuring children as a focal point, reminding us of our lost innocence. His sensitive figurative work continues to be deeply rooted in the romantic, Impressionist tradition. His clever use of light and the originality of his concepts make Ron’s paintings very much in demand. Ron has had numerous solo exhibitions in Australia.
(Average Auction Price: $531)

11. ‘Don’t Scare the Horse’ Ron Van Gennip 35×45cm Oil on Board
(For Auction: Estimate: $550-$750 Framed) View Auction

Jean Muir 
Jean is an artist from South Australia who explores the romanticism of the countryside with a subtle use of colour and technique.

12. ‘Old Country Road’ Jean Muir 45×60cm Oil on Board
(For Sale: $395 Framed) View Sale

Colin Parker

Colin Parker is the son of C. D. Parker, watercolourist and owner of the Parker Galleries. He is known for his scenes from the Australian inland and his name is one that conjures up an immediate affinity for the Australian landscape with its harshness and sheer isolation that is so boldly and colourfully captured in his works. His work is represented in many major collections, such as, the British Royal Family and the Australian National Collection in Canberra (Average Auction Price: $660)

13. ‘The Outback Journey’ Colin Parker 25×30cm Oil on Board  (For Sale: $550 Re-framed Framed) View Sale

Otto Kuster

Born in Bohemia in 1941, Otto Kuster studied at the Munich Academy and the Kempton Technical College prior to his arrival in Australia in 1960. He is recognised, as one of Australia’s foremost impressionist with his palette knife style and dramatic light effects. Otto is a member of the Royal Art Society of NSW, has had numerous one-man and group exhibitions. His work is represented in public, corporate and private collections around the world.

14. ‘Hanging out the Washing’
Otto Kuster 47×60cm Oil on Board, Framed
(For Auction: Estimate $300-$400) View Auction

Patrick Carroll

Born in Bathurst in 1949, Carroll has been practising as a full-time professional artist since 1974. He is constantly walking a fine line between the comfort of realism and the pulsating line and colour in an expressionist mode. His work is held in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia, UK, Japan, USA, Europe and New Zealand. He has an outstanding achievement of receiving well over 100 Awards and Commendations throughout his career.

15. ‘Cattle Grazing in the Summer’ Patrick Carroll
45×60cm Oil on Board,
(For Sale: $475 Re-framed) View Sale

John Milenkovic

Born in New South Wales, John Milenkovic is a self-taught artist. He has exhibited his paintings of northern Queensland in Brisbane since 1986.
A highly motivated, talented and successful artist, he has been one of Queensland’s best ambassadors for his rich and sensitive interpretation of the surf, bush and forests. He is inspired by the diminishing rainforests and wetlands and his work is represented in institutional collections.

16. ‘Wetland Birds’
John Milenkovic 47×60cm Oil on Board
(For Sale: $575 Re-framed) View Sale

John Santry

Born in New South Wales in 1910, he studied widely in Sydney and London before taking up positions as lecturer at Sydney University and at the East Sydney Technical College. Santry taught drawing to Architecture students at Sydney University with Lloyd Rees and Roland Wakelin. He was the artist for the popular Chesty Bond strip and at night taught WEA classes in the suburbs. After the War he joined with Lloyd Rees, Roland Wakelin and others to paint around the lower north shores of Sydney Harbour, forming a collective they called the Norwood Group. (Average Works on Paper $580)

17. ‘The Boy’ John Santry 10×13cm Pencil on Paper, Framed
(For Sale: $150) View Sale

Signed by the monograph GG

18.‘The Two Kookaburrras’ Signed by the monograph GG 30×40cm Acrylic on Canvas Framed
(For Sale: $180) View Sale





Ronald Peters

Ronald Peters is a listed Australian artist whose works are skilled and collectible.

20. ‘Chickens’
Ronald Peters 12×17cm Oil on Board
(For Sale: $60) View Sale

21. ‘Valley Road’
Ronald Peters 12×17cm Oil on Board
(For Sale: $60) View Sale

Ken Taber

Ken was born in Richmond NSW Australia in 1942. He is a self-taught artist who paints in both acrylics and oils. His preferred subjects are usually water scenes, misty swamps, tidal backwaters, beach scenes and his later work, semi-abstract acrylics of water birds in their environment. His paintings are hung in collections around the world. He now resides on the NSW south coast near Batemans Bay. (

23. ‘The Storm Waves’ Ken Taber Acrylic on Board 40×42cm Unframed
(For Sale: $250 Unframed) View Sale

Original Medieval Scriptorium
Gregorian Music Sheet

Original Medieval Scriptorium
Gregorian Music Sheet
Northern France circa 1440. Good colour and calligraphy. Nearly 600yrs

24.Original Medieval Scriptorium
Gregorian Music Sheet
34×48cm Vellum (calf skin)
(For Auction: Estimate: $200-300 Two-way Framed) View Auction

Original Medieval Sheet from a Book of Hours

(Book of Devotion)

German circa 1280-1320
Good colour with nine calligraphic initials

25. Original Medieval Sheet from a Book of Hours (Book of Devotion)
Vellum (calf skin) Framed 11×15cm
(For Sale: $425 Two-way Framed ) View Sale

Original Medieval Sheet from a Book of Hours

(Devotion Book)
Northern France circa 1410-1420
Vellum (calf skin). 600 year old art work
Gold lettering. Good colour with floral design in the style of the Duke of Berry period, Paris, Circa 1410 (see J Harthan ‘Book of Hours’ pp.55-56).

26. Original Medieval Sheet from a Book of Hours  13×19cm
(For Auction: Estimate: $500-$700 Two-way Framed) View Auction

Original 1850 Map of Palestine

Original 1850 Map of Palestine (including the location of the Tribes of Israel and insert map of Jerusalem)
Published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co US

27.Original 1850 Map of Palestine 
35×43cm Framed
(For Auction: Estimate $100-$200) View Auction


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