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Prayer Points


Thanking God

  • For sending Jesus, the life-giver
  • For the AYF Committee; Andrew Coburn, Rob Dewhurst, Rob McClanaghan, Jason Riley, Julie Tadman, Philip Ward, David Wysel and Gill Seglenieks (minute taker)
  • For the boldness of one Year 9 student who stood up in the SRR Seminar to promote her youth group

Asking God

  • For Christian students to take leadership roles in the ISCF groups at Armidale and Duval High Schools
  • For students to know Jesus as we explore the gospels of John (Years 7-8) and Matthew (Years 9-10) this term

But these (signs) are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. If you believe this, you will have life because you belong to him. John 20:31